Hello!  Welcome to my blog.  I will be sharing stories, pictures, and videos of my adventures across the world.  I hope you like them.


I’d just like to thank everyone for reading my story.  This site has gotten much more popular than I anticipated.  147 views an hour!  Wow!  When I made it, I expected my family and a few friends to read it but I’m getting hits from all over the world.  Germany, France, Sweden, Belgium, Slovenia, UK, US, Australia, it’s unbelievable.  So thank you for reading and sharing my story with others.  I just hope these stories do more than entertain you.  The point of all this is to inspire you to get off the computer and take that one crazy risk you need to take to experience LIFE!

My story so far:

Why Travel?

Why Blog?

Arriving in London

In Inverness

Adventures on the Isle of Skye

On My Own

Taking Some Time Off

Good Morning, Edinburgh!

Drifting Onward to Germany

Lessons: Part One

The Journey Continues

Greece is the Word

Burglary in Beautiful Bulgaria

A Frankfurtian Stupor

Greyhound Across America: An Exercise in Positivity

Lessons: Part Two – A Conclusion


6 thoughts on “Home

  1. I’m so happy for you and excited to live vicariously through your travels. Go, live, exploe, inspire! 😄

  2. It is awesome to see that you have already started to post your stories. I look forward to reading all of them. Love, Dad

  3. I found your site! I can’t wait to read about your adventures. I pray they are wonderful. I’m oddly curious about what you have found to eat. Is that weird?
    Never forget you are loved,

  4. What an exciting time….Thank you for sharing your wonderful adventures. I’m sure there will be many. Robert’s Grandmother, Mary Anne.

  5. Hi !
    Very happy to meet you on the road Zack ! A good experience, I hope to see you in a other trip or you in France (in Grenoble ???) !
    If you want to travel in France we will be happy to help you to find cheaper way and to host you !
    Fabien and Lucie (or Lucy like in the Beatles song )

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