Arriving in London


I can’t believe it, but I’m finally drifting!  It was a long, hard road, but it was totally worth it.

After having hours long conversations with a 60 year-old woman from Ghana on the plane and getting held up at the UK Border, I’ve made it to London.  I mastered the Underground Tube system and made it to King’s Cross Station only to discover that train tickets to Scotland were really expensive.  Luckily, a friendly woman from Unicef saw me wandering aimlessly taking pictures outside and asked me if I was a tourist.  She looked up “coach” tickets for me (which were 1/5 the cost of the train) and told me how to get there.  So London gave me a pretty great first impression.


I’ve got my ticket to leave Victoria Coach Station at 11:00pm and will travel all night to Inverness, Scotland.  I have no idea how I’ll get to Skye from there, but whatever.  Sounds like a cool adventure to me (and a good story).  Once I knew exactly what I was doing, I decided to “Tourist Out” and explore Central London with my all day subway pass.  I totally checked out Buckingham Palace.




On the way back, I walked through a lovely. green park full of people just lounging in the grass.  People laughing, dogs playing, it was beautiful.


I decided to take a breather and lay down in the shade using my backpack, Gautama (yes, I named it), as a pillow.  Then, I accidentally took a nap for an unknown length of time and a barking dog woke me up.  This was my view.


So now I’m exhausted and sore so I think I’m going to just hang out at the Coach Station until my bus leaves.  Thank goodness the Victoria Library is right across from the station so I could post this.


Next stop: Scotland!

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